Most Popular Types of Silver Jewellery Worth Trying In London

From bracelets to rings and pendants, irrespective of what your taste is, silver jewellery in London has made an emphatic and happy inroad into the world of fashion accessories. These little standalone pieces of jewellery are perfect options to either add an extra spark to the clothes you wear or simply make an impressionable style statement. For the more creative fashion enthusiasts, these chic ornaments can even make an already worn outfit, new.

With excellent craftsmanship coupled with rich heritage, many British jewellery brands go on to become international success. Choosing silver jewellery which perfectly matches your persona can be quite overwhelming, especially when the choices are multiple. Below are few of the options that you can consider while selecting the most popular silver accessories:

Necklace with name or initials

Necklaces with initials or names have become extremely popular among ladies of all ages. Though pendants carved as alphabets have been out there since a long time, the ones with names are soaring high.

Diamond pendants

Having a diamond or any other precious stone wrapped in a silver pendant is another fashionable way to carry  the accessory. After all, diamond signifies class!

Silver bracelets

Silver bracelets are undoubtedly the most common jewellery that can be added to your accessory box. Bracelets come in various designs and can be themed with a simple appearance or intricate designs. Hence, it is best to choose a design based on the outfit you plan to wear.


Finger rings are undoubtedly the most widely used jewellery and have become favourite accessories for both ladies and men. Rings are vital for that special day of in life when you and your partner take the vow to be with each other in sickness and health.

Jewellery aren’t anything but accessories that enhance the appearance and impart a feel-good factor. Fashion trend setters pay more attention to accessorising the clothes, than the outfit itself. So if you are looking for some designer silver jewellery in London, you may take a look at the collection offered by K and Q Products Ltd. It aims to provide amazing quality jewellery across the city of London and also in many of the surrounding areas.

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