Best ways to dazzle in designer silver jewellery in West London

Do you know what’s in trend all across the UK? Well, fashion is, for sure. But to be specific, ornaments made of silver have been ruling the roost. Hence, if you haven’t considered silver jewellery in West London yet, it won’t be long before they get in your look-good-day regime.

Though silver jewellery in West London looks classy on its own, there are certain ways in which you can style them to extract the highest level of attractiveness. Want to check out some of them? Take a look!

The street style

Street style is cool, it seriously is! The best you could do for getting street style is pair silver jewellery with a bohemian outfit. All you would need is a funky looking ankle-length sundress and a few silver ornaments. And if you are more inclined towards punk style, a short skirt with a bohemian crop-top would do the trick.

The formal appearance

Of course, you cannot be a jewellery mannequin at work; but, you can definitely carry a more formal style with silver jewellery. This is a rather simplistic approach and you can pair a silver necklace, earrings and bracelet with a white formal shirt and a formal beige trouser. With such an appearance, you will definitely have a lot of admirers at your workplace.

The eastern spice

There is nothing wrong in going for international fashion. Hence, if you consider it, try a thigh-length kaftan (vibrant one, of course), a pair of skinny fit jeans and a big and drool-worthy earpiece. The earpiece should be big enough to sway each time you turn your head.

Additional tips

  1. Irrespective of how classy silver jewellery is, you should never overdo it. Keep it simple and enough for you to carry it with grace and elegance.
  2. If you are flaunting a heavy necklace, the enticing factor should come from your neckline. Either keep the neckline low to let the necklace be on your skin or wear a high neck top to offer a solid background.

If you are looking to buy bespoke silver jewellery in West London, K and Q Products Ltd is where you should head to. It specialises in a wide range of silver ornaments and lets you choose any of the pieces that would suit your taste and style.

So what are you waiting for? Shop for silver jewellery and turn on the classy side of you!

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